The Crimson Scourge

Chapter 2 - Red Seas of Moonshae

Our three adventurers found themselves sitting together at “The Northerners Horn”, a bar in Gnarhelm on the isle of Alaron, Each with their own agenda.

Rathelion – A paladin half elf from the Dernal forest
Baden – A human druid from the far deserts of Anauroch
Jaera – A large human barbarian sailor

However, they share a common purpose; to investigate the recent expansion of the Zhentarim in the Moonshae’s. Fila gave them some more information including the rumors that the Red Wizards of Thay may be working with the Zhentarim.

In order to keep their investigation secret, the party will be working together as simply soldiers of fortune, for now. And Fila has just the job to get some renown for the party.

Word around town is that a group of kobolds have recently made attacks against farmers in the surrounding area. Fila has secured the bounty for the elimination of this threat with the constable, and provided the party with maps and general directions.

Their first night in the grasslands showed the group that the reports were no mere rumors. Attacked by a small hunting party of kobolds, the group was able to defend themselves and fight off their attackers. Rathelion was grievously wounded, but thankfully Baden was available with his healing arts. However he found that his magic was being impaired somehow and that his healing was weakened. Unsure as to what was causing this, the party pressed on, resolute in completing their task.

The next day they came upon a log bridge crossed over a wide river. Jarea, missing the feel of the sea, elected to swim the strong current. Baden and Rathelion elected to remain dry, and so crossed the bridge. As they arrived at the midpoint of the bridge, however, they found themselves confronted by a bugbear by the name of Wuzig who claimed ownership of the bridge.

Baden began negotiations and after some haggling, an agreement was reached to pay a toll for use of the bridge.

Later that evening, the group stumbled onto a cave entrance with kobold tracks marking this as their destination. Walking into the cave, they found themselves walking down stone steps, leading into the entryway of some sort of temple. After dispatching a sleeping guard, they began to investigate.

A short journey into an adjoining chamber found the party waking up a small group of kobolds. Dispatched quickly and in good spirits, the party then found a room with a nasty surprise. Four zombies shambled toward them, beating and striking at them. Rathelion found himself taking another mortal injury, as well as Jarea. But between grapples, shillelaghs, and a good long sword, the undead were returned to dead.

Deciding this was a good time to rest, the group returned to the surface world to sleep the rest of the night. Unable to build a campfire this close to the cavern, it was a cold nights sleep. Undaunted, the party arose the next day to realize that their own vitality seemed to be impaired by the same energies that were inhibiting their earlier healing spells.

Returning to the temple, the group began down a different passageway. After passing a door making suspicious scratching sounds, Jaera finds a large obsidian disc in an abandoned storeroom. Returning to the scratching door, the party discovers, and quickly dispatches, a pair of worgs.

Moving beyond, hey find a strange room with a large well, glowing with green energy and a thick mist billowing out. Discovering writing along the wall, Baden and Jaera begin washing away the chalk writing while Ratherlion keeps watch. Unable to resist any longer, Jaera drops a small rock into the well. A flash of light and an imp floats above the pool. Realizing that there was no geas binding it, it lashes out.

More grapples and shillelaghs render the creature inert.

Moving on, the party discovers a large room that seems to be the kobolds main barracks. Almost a dozen of the diminutive creatures in various states of sleep, play and patrol. Thinking that discretion might be the better part of valor, the group decided to see if there is another way into the room.

Upon discovering a door with more writing on it, they found themselves in a grand place of worship. A large statue of obsidian towers in a north alcove and dawning realization for Jarea and Baden that this is a temple to the Mother of Night, Shar.

Not letting that dismay them, the group quickly realizes that there is a space on the floor that the obsidian disc would fit. Reluctant to give up her new weapon, Jarea is finally convinced to fit the disc. Doing so causes a magical barrier around the statue to disappear, and Rathelion discovers a small drawer, containing 200 gold pieces. Attempting to retrieve the disc however seems impossible.

After discovering that the door they were seeking out into the kobolds sleeping chamber had been spiked shut, the group rejoins to the entry chamber to plan their next course of action…


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